by Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo

(this is provisional)

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4bpp is a collection of graphical functions intended for speed on 4 bits-per-pixel screen buffers. I use it currently on a uCdimm microcontroller board. The CPU is a Motorola Dragonball VZ (MC68VZ328), and the LCD graphics are mapped directly in memory.

Since light CPU time has been priorized, many functions only use even X coordinates/sizes in order to operate with full bytes.

This should be easy to adapt to any 4bpp display system that can be mapped to memory.

I have not yet tried it on a 4bpp framebuffer, but it should go fine. I would like to implement this in order to emulate the software on workstations.

Source code is commented in Spanish (at the moment), anyway the function names are almost all in english. Here are some files to get started:

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